Labour Sponsored Community Development Group (LSCDG)

LSCDG provides high quality service and in-depth expertise at all levels of our organization with experienced staff in areas of property management and operational services. We empower people to realize their full potential through a safe, non-violent environment, adequate income, housing, food and education, and a valued role to play in family, work and the community.

Vision, Mission, Values

Labour Sponsored Community Development Group believes that appropriate and affordable housing is a right for all Canadians, not a privilege.  We strive to improve the quality of life for all our citizens.

Who We Are

Labour Sponsored Community Development Group in Windsor, Ontario is a non-profit organization committed to the creation and maintenance of affordable housing to meet the growing demands of our community.

What We Do

At all levels of our organization, Labour Sponsored Community Development Group offers expertise in property management and in-depth knowledge of Municipal, Provincial and Federal governmental policies and legislation.