NEW Website at LSCDG!

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NEW Website at LSCDG! Labour Sponsored Community Development Group (LSCDG) is pleased to announce the launch of our NEW website!  Learn about our dynamic organization and access information on the programs and services offered as we strive to improve the quality of life for all citizens in our community.  As the umbrella organization, LSCDG has a proven track record in housing development, property management, and corporate administrative /accounting services for over 25 years. Labour Community Service Centre (LCSC)  and Labour Community Gardens (LCG) offer affordable, adequate and suitable housing to assist persons of low income and special needs.  See our website for more information about our townhomes and apartments. Our many programs under Housing Information Services (HIS) are available to all individuals and families and cover a wide range of services to assist with obtaining or retaining affordable, appropriate housing in Windsor-Essex.  HIS also provides assistance to Landlords and Homeowners to quickly find tenants to rent their units, aiming for long term tenancy.  All services offered are FREE of charge. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance with housing or help to pay your utility arrears, check out our programs under Housing Information Services (HIS) and contact our office for an appointment.  We work collaboratively with our partnering agencies in the city and county.  Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9am – 4:30pm.  Visit our Contact page for location information and the number to call to make an...

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Keep The Heat Program

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    Need Help With Your Utility Bills? Housing Information Services (HIS) in partnership with the Unemployed Help Centre (UHC) provide energy assistance to eligible low-income households in Windsor & Essex County through the Keep The Heat Program. Applicants from Windsor and Essex County are advised to contact any of the KTH Service Sites closest to them to determine program eligibility for energy assistance.  If eligible, an appointment will be scheduled to meet with staff in order to complete an application. Financial assistance is paid directly to the utility provider in order to assist with energy arrears and prevent disconnection of utility services, or in order to reconnect utility services that have been disconnected. Visit our KTH webpage to determine if you are eligible and to locate an agency near you for...

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A Place of My Own (APMO)

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Support Intervention DOES Make a Difference! Homelessness is a major problem among youths, usually associated with alcohol and drug use, domestic violence, and decreased physical and mental health.  In an effort to prevent homelessness among youths, Housing Information Services offers assistance to youth through A Place of My Own (APMO). APMO System Navigators, along with our partnering agencies, assist youth in Windsor, Ontario aged 16 to 24 years by focusing on housing first and providing one-on-one support services and follow-ups every three months for up to twelve months. Studies indicate that support intervention does make a difference, leading to enhanced emotional and mental well-being, less stress, increased sense of equality and self-esteem, and a decrease in loneliness. Visit our website under HIS – A Place of My Own (APMO) to learn more about our program or contact our office for an...

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Paralegal Forms Assistance Service

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Paralegal Forms Assistance Service now at HIS Housing Information Services in partnership with St. Clair College became the new satellite office for the free forms completion service provided by paralegal students. Need Help Filling Out a Form or Application? Paralegal students assist you with license applications, passport applications, credit card applications, forms for financial assistance, tax credit forms, business registration forms, forms for employment and school, all kind of government forms, some court forms as well as many others. This is a FREE service. No appointment necessary. Tuesdays/Wednesdays at Housing Information Services on 3450 Ypres, Suite 200, Windsor Thursdays at Clarence Williams Townhomes on 2363 Union Street, Windsor Click here to download a flyer with more...

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