Labour Community Service Centre

Appropriate Affordable Housing for Everyone

Labour Community Service Centre (LCSC) provides appropriate, safe and affordable housing in Windsor and Essex County to assist persons of low income and special needs.  Our non-profit housing portfolio of townhomes and apartments offers both market and subsidized rent to eligible families and seniors in Windsor, Ontario.


LCSC Housing Portfolio

Labour Community Service Centre housing portfolio consists of three (3) housing developments: Alix Sinkevitch Townhomes, Clarence Williams Townhomes and Ken Gerard Seniors Apartment, providing over 218 units of appropriate, affordable housing for persons in Windsor and Essex County; along with two (2) houses consisting of 4 units each for clients of Community Living Windsor.


LCSC Mission

Labour Community Service Centre strives to:

  • promote an inclusive community regardless of income, gender or disability;
  • enhance the social economic conditions of persons residing in Windsor/Essex County;
  • progressively improve the quality of life for all people, especially those in most need;
  • provide affordable, safe, secure and suitable housing for residents of our community; and
  • empower residents by facilitating opportunities for involvement and control over their housing communities.



Administered under the corporate umbrella of Labour Sponsored Community Development Group (LSCDG),  Labour Community Service Centre has access to over 25 years of expertise in property management and operational services, corporate administration,  financial and educational services.