What We Do

At all levels of our organization, Labour Sponsored Community Development Group offers expertise in property management and in-depth knowledge of Municipal, Provincial and Federal governmental policies and legislation.

Corporate Administration

As the umbrella organization, Labour Sponsored Community Development Group (LSCDG) in Windsor, Ontario, provides Corporate Administrative and Accounting Services to Labour Community Service Centre (LCSC), Housing Information Services (HIS), and Labour Community Gardens (LCG). LSCDG assumes the role of Project Manager to facilitate proposals, implement government directives, allocate funding to the developments, and assist developments in utilizing funds.  With over 25 years of developing, constructing and renovating co-op and non-profit housing, our group has become well versed in development consulting and effective housing management.


Development Services

Labour Sponsored Community Development Group has built 23 co-op housing & non-profit developments, amounting to more than 1,570 units located throughout Ontario and over $200 million of capital investment in co-op and non-profit housing. These buildings consist of various housing styles including apartments, townhomes, quadraplexes, semi-detached, and barrier free units that are open to singles, seniors and families of all races and backgrounds living in Canada.


Housing Services

LSCDG has a number of long term staff with direct co-op and non-profit experience.  We remain current on all legislation, participate on relevant housing committees and overall take pride in a successful management track record to ensure co-operatives and non-profits the expertise to successfully help manage their housing development. Currently, our group provides Property Management/Operational Services, Administration and Educational Services to Social Housing Developments in Windsor and Essex County.  LSCDG stresses the importance of a tight internal control measure with respect to account receivables within all of our developments. Through our Public Relations and Education Services, LSCDG offers local housing developments lobbying expertise, in conjunction with the Co-operative housing sector, to inform and challenge our governments with respect to “Housing as a Right”.  Our excellent legal liaisons enables us to access legal advice for co-ops and non-profits.