A Place of My Own (APMO)

Posted on Nov 28, 2014 in News | Comments Off on A Place of My Own (APMO)

Support Intervention DOES Make a Difference!

Homelessness is a major problem among youths, usually associated with alcohol and drug use, domestic violence, and decreased physical and mental health.  In an effort to prevent homelessness among youths, Housing Information Services offers assistance to youth through A Place of My Own (APMO).

APMO System Navigators, along with our partnering agencies, assist youth in Windsor, Ontario aged 16 to 24 years by focusing on housing first and providing one-on-one support services and follow-ups every three months for up to twelve months.

Studies indicate that support intervention does make a difference, leading to enhanced emotional and mental well-being, less stress, increased sense of equality and self-esteem, and a decrease in loneliness.

Visit our website under HIS – A Place of My Own (APMO) to learn more about our program or contact our office for an appointment.