About You

LSCDG provides high quality service and in-depth expertise at all levels of our organization with experienced staff in areas of property management and operational services. We empower people to realize their full health potential through a safe, non-violent environment, adequate income, housing, food and education, and a valued role to play in family, work and the community.

We ensure that there is an adequate supply of affordable housing in the community and that affordable housing is well maintained, safe, accessible, and appropriate for individuals and families in the Windsor Essex County Region. We aim to improve the standard of living for singles, seniors, and families of all races and backgrounds.

LSCDG promotes the creation, maintenance and operations of non-profit residential accommodations to improve the social economic conditions of persons living in Windsor and Essex County. We accept challenging issues and/or developments and help turn them around to ensure that the Windsor/Essex County region maintains a healthy supply of affordable non-profit rental accommodations.

Respect – We treat our staff, community members and residents with respect and fairness regardless of age, gender or background.

Accountability – We are accountable for the quality of our service performance by successfully participating in government reviews that demonstrate our ability to administrate all facets of Non-profit and Co-operative living in a transparent and professional manner.

Commitment – We are committed to developing communities because we believe that appropriate and affordable housing is a right for all Canadians. We are committed to collaborating with all community partners, government and social services agencies to ensure resident’s concerns are always met.