HEART – Homelessness Eradicated by Affordability, Retention and Training


Homelessness Eradicated by Affordability, Retention and Training (HEART), a program under Housing Information Services (HIS) and funded by Pathway to Potential, provides on-site coordinator assistance at the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal.

HIS staff attend Housing Tribunals locally twice a week to inform landlords and tenants about our services; negotiate with landlords and tenants to avoid evictions; connect with other agencies; and provide follow-up to tenants before or after the hearings.


Tenants…are you at risk of losing your housing?

Do you need to find another place to live?
If you are Tenant, we can:
  • 8605_his_legalprovide one-on-one support if you are at a risk of being homeless due to an eviction
  • negotiate with your landlord before your Housing Tribunal hearing to maintain your current housing or have viable options for moving
  • inform you of your rights and responsibilities according to the Residential Tenancy Act
  • help you find alternate affordable housing
  • make referrals to appropriate community agencies where required
  • help you secure the necessary resources and skills to remain housed


Landlords…is eviction your last resort?

Are you willing to negotiate with your tenants?
If you are a Landlord, we can:
  • help to prevent an eviction where possible
  • make recommendations to maintain tenancies
  • assist the tenant to move out
  • maintain a Landlord database of available rental units updated monthly
  • provide an updated list of available units to interested tenants