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  • affordably priced rental apartment, duplex or single dwelling home in Windsor or Essex County?
  • an empty room in your home that you might want to rent?
  • a wheelchair accessible rental unit?

List your Affordable Rental Housing Unit or Room for FREE!

Housing Information Services provides Landlord Listings of available private units for tenants in Windsor and Essex County. The listings are regularly updated and include rental costs, unit amenities, as well as negotiated terms such as first and last month’s rent to assist both landlords and tenants. Contact HIS today and list your affordable rental units with us for FREE!!! For more information or to register for our Landlord Listings, download our brochure.

Housing Information Services (HIS) has been involved in housing related issues in Windsor and Essex County since 1993, establishing one local agency to offer consumers affordable and appropriate rental housing opportunities.  HIS provides assistance to Landlords and Homeowners in Windsor and Essex County to quickly find tenants to rent their units, aiming for long term tenancy.

Our Unique Support

  • Maintain an up-to-date registry of available rental units throughout Windsor and Essex County.
  • Work with landlords to help PREVENT evictions or assist the tenant to move out.
  • Provide on-site services at Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal for landlords and tenants.
  • Provide landlords with information on current legislation, lease agreements, etc.
  • Provide landlords access to information on available Housing Supplement or Rent Incentive Programs.
  • Under the Investments in Affordable Housing (IAH) program, landlords may be eligible to receive up to $450 per month in rent.