Housing Information Services

About Us

Housing Information Services (HIS) in Windsor, Ontario is a non-profit charitable organization.  HIS has been involved in housing related issues throughout our community since our inception in 1993.  Created in response to an identified need in the community, Housing Information Services established one local agency that could provide affordable and appropriate rental housing opportunities to residents in Windsor and Essex County.

how_we_can_helpToday, HIS is a dynamic service consisting of client driven services that promote the basic philosophy of people reaching their full potential.  We make every effort to educate our clients about their basic rights and responsibilities specifically relating to housing and financial stability, through workshops, one-on-one counselling and access to services within the community.  


Housing Information Services strives to:

  • prevent homelessness by assisting clients with their housing needs in order to obtain or retain appropriate housing;
  • alleviate homelessness by assisting clients who are living in shelters find appropriate affordable short and long-term housing;
  • increase public awareness of the factors and circumstances that contribute to homelessness and housing crises through networking, knowledge building and community partnerships;
  • collaborate with community agencies to best address client’s needs; and
  • network with community agencies in order to exchange information on the various services available within our community.



Our partnership with Labour Sponsored Community Development Group (LSCDG) provides HIS with the expertise of administration, community development and property management.