IAH – Investment in Affordable Housing

Investment in Affordable Housing

The Rent Supplement Program, a Component of the Investment in Affordable Housing Program (IAH) under the Government of Canada, was created in 2012 and will provide funding for up to 10 years.  Administered by Housing Information Services (HIS), the Rent Supplement Program creates affordable rent opportunities for eligible households by reducing market rent based on income.

Increasing the supply of affordable housing for those in most need provides a stable foundation for living, and enables all people regardless of age, gender or background to reach their full potential.  The number of affordable places to live benefits not only tenants and landlords, but the community as a whole.

Are you a tenant in need of affordable housing?

Is your rent too high?  Are you being evicted?

9951_cropThe Rent Supplement Program provides assistance to eligible low income families by covering the difference between the market rent and the rent charged to the tenant. HIS staff will help you identify your housing needs; advise you of what programs you may be eligible for; provide you with a list of affordable housing units; and negotiate with the Landlord to secure affordable housing for you. 

Are you a Landlord or Homeowner?

Are you experiencing difficulty renting your vacant units?
Do you have affordable priced rental housing?

Housing Information Services (HIS) negotiates with private and non-profit landlords in Windsor and Essex County and assists tenants to find affordable units.  This direct line of communication with HIS makes it easier for Landlords to:

  • quickly find tenants to rent their units aiming for long term tenancy
  • address tenant and landlord issues as required
  • access assistance with Lease Agreements
  • access information on  rights and obligations as a Landlord with the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal

All landlords,  homeowners and property management companies must meet the program requirements in order to be eligible to participate in the Rent Supplement Program.  Contact HIS  to see how you can qualify.